What we offer?


The MECHATECH company specializes in the relocation of machines, devices and production lines throughout Poland and Europe. Before proceeding with the order, the entire process is planned from beginning to end. Creating a full work schedule, as well as constant supervision of our work manager over the entrusted work during the implementation of projects provides our clients with the ability to monitor work, watch over their progress, as well as comfort and a sense of security for the given order.

Our detailed offer


  • Local vision, after which we present the offer and description.
  • Comprehensive logistics service - constant contact with the customer.
  • Relocation (relocation) of machinery, equipment and production lines in-house, inter-factory.
  • Dismantling of machines, devices and production lines in the scope of mechanical, electrical and pneumatics.
  • Industrial assembly of machines, devices and production lines in the scope of mechanical, electrical and pneumatics.
  • Positioning, anchoring and leveling machines, as well as connecting the media and starting the machines.
  • Unloading machines from the means of transport and loading machines and equipment onto the means of transport.
  • Normative and non-normative road transport of machines in Poland and Europe along with full load preparation for transport, i.e. packaging, fastening, securing, moving machines.
  • Organizing sea and air transport - loading and unloading sea containers.
  • Execution of transport crates or pallets under sea transport account of phytosanitary wood with ISPM-15 certificate. Unloading of the sea containers


Dismantling of the machines


After developing a detailed plan, we proceed to work aimed at disassembly of individual or machine sets. All activities are carried out based on strict safety rules. The team dealing with the disassembly of machines and even entire production lines is made up of specialists in the fields of electricity, pneumatics and hydraulics. Already at the disassembly stage, we prepare machines for the next step, which is transport and their assembly at the destination.



Transport of the machines


The scope of our services also includes comprehensive organization of machine transport by land, sea or air. We deal not only with the execution, but also with all documentation related to the transport of machines or production lines. We use technologies that ensure the highest level of security. We make, among others transport boxes or pallets for sea transport of phytosanitary wood with ISPM-15 certificate. Our company offers extremely competitive rates for the loading and unloading of sea containers and oversized transport.



Industrial assembly


Our company has extensive experience in the industrial assembly of machines using knowledge, experience forming a team of specialists and the latest technology. Our services include positioning, anchoring and leveling of machines, as well as connection of utilities and assistance in starting machines. We also perform geometric measurements of machines and devices.

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